Christmas at State Fair of Texas
Christmas Trees on the Esplanade

Welcome the Dallas Concessions Website. The purpose of this site is to try to inform the public that is interested in becoming food vendors on how to become a food vendor legally. I know from experience with the permitting process at the City of Dallas, there are some very successful food vendors. I also know from living in Dallas there are people working very hard a food vending but doing it illegally.
Anyone willing to work so hard to sell barbeque on the side of the road illegally need to contact the local health department to become educated on the rules. Every city of have rules specific to that city learn them and follow them.

Another thing to keep in mind is seek out events.  Community base publications usually have event announcements. When you are in a neighboring city, pick up the publications for that city.  This is important because regardless to where you live in Dallas, you are probably no more that 15 or 20 minutes from a suburban city.  When you hear announcements on TV and radio jot the information down and try to locate the organizers.

Although the pictures on this blog show Christmas Scenes at the State Fair of Texas Esplanade, the main point is the Christmas Season is an excellent opportunity to test your food vending skills.  Another point to keep in mind is that something is happening in almost every city in the DFW Metroplex for Christmas or any other holiday, so get ready to become a legal food vendor.