When I first thought of Christmas at the Fair Park back in 2013, one idea was a large Christmas Tree on the Esplanade. As a matter of fact I tried to create a picture of what I thought it should look like. See the picture above. By the way I did not create the picture until sometime before Christmas in 2014. I know the picture leaves a lot to be desired but I was since I am not proficient at Photoshop, but I think you will get the point. In my mind the tree would be in the reflection pool that would add to it glory when lit.  By the way, check the Image Gallery to see actual pictures of the Christmas on the Esplanade 2014.  The one on the far right you might recognize as the place where Big Tex stands.

As you look at the picture above, you might be familiar stand under the tree. It is the projection screen that is used
during the fireworks show nightly at the State Fair. Here is how I think the projection screen could be used. If there
were church choirs, or school choirs were performing somewhere in a building, the Hall of State for example, or some other building in the State Fair, maybe it could be broadcast on that projection screen. If there are more than one church or school choir performing, there is a built in crowd base. Or to the vendors a built in customer base. As people stroll and eat food and buy merchandise, they could watch the choirs performing Christmas songs on the screen.

Remember this blog is about concessions and vending, visualize with me vendors in the buildings on both sides of the reflection pool. New vendors, old vendors, hot trucks as well as merchandise vendors. We know it is possible because it happens for 24 days during the State Fair of Texas. Either way could be active from the Friday after Thanksgiving to January 2, every year.

For aspiring food vendors, keep a look out for holiday events in your city, I guarantee it will be happening.

Christmas 2015