In a prior post I wrote that the projection screen could be used to broadcast choirs performing Christmas Music at the State Fair of Texas. The video in this post is the actual projection screen on the Esplanade. In case you are one of the people that are never at the State Fair of Texas at night, then you haven’t seen the fireworks and video show. It is abolutely fantastic!

Since this where the fireworks are operated from, so obviously my Christmas Tree picture creation in a previous post is just that, a picture creation to illustrate a point. What is real is the people watching the real videos and the real fireworks.

In my vision, if the Centenniel buildings along the Esplanade would be made available for merchandise vendors as well as food vendors. Then the people there could watch their church choirs sing as they shop and eat. Keep in mind, the choirs would be performing in a building somewhere, but projected onto this screen.

This idea is not far fetched at all. During the State Fair these building are predominately use for new automobile displays, but there are usually other vendors in the there also. Such could be the case during the Holiday Season.

I can’t say it enough, churchs choirs bring out church members. Church members equal customers for the vendors. Imagine how many people aka customers would be out if more than one church choir performed on any given night. I thinking Friday, Saturday and Sunday would be ideal. Starting with the Friday after Thanksgiving. Happy vending in the concessions business!

Concessions on the Esplanade