It just occurred to me that in my last blog about Christmas at the Fair Park that I did not make clear that such an event does not exist at this time.  Just because it does not exist as of today, does not mean that it cannot happen.  A good starting point would be for a group of organized vendors to contact the Friends of Fair Park to see if they can be of assistance.  When you visit the Friends of Fair Park website, you will see a calendar of events.  Noticeably missing is use of the Fair Park during the Christmas season.  So if you are an organizer The Friends of Fair Park may the place to start.  If they cannot help you, they be able to put you in contact with the right people at the City of Dallas.

How to Get it Done

If memory serves me right there are more than 150 vendors that operate at the State Fair of Texas every year.  If there is a group representing these vendors approached the City of Dallas about operating during the Christmas season, they just might be able to get it done for Christmas 2013.   There used to be a database of the food vendors at the City of Dallas.  So use the Texas Open Records, to get the list and contact some vendors and get organized and then take it to the City of Dallas.

Once the group representing the vendors approach the City of Dallas with a well designed plan that would aid in making it happen.  On second thought how well designed does to plan have to be.  The concession vendors at the State of Texas are responsible for their own booths.  Likewise concession vendors at the Christmas in Fair Park would be responsible for their booths.  The big difference between operating at the State Fair of Texas and the Christmas Season is no rides the weather.  Although the climate for a Dallas during November and December is usually relatively warm, it can be cold on occasions.  But if the vendors are located in the buildings along the Explanade and the Exposition Gate, weather would be less of a factor.   However the vendors would still be responsible for their booth inside the building.  Not all vendors have to be food, some could be for gifts. The logistics of how the vendors arrange the vendors in the building would have to be worked out.

How to contact Vendors

If there was an announcement in the print media, or on the city’s website as well as on the Friends of Fair Park’s website I believe there would be more vendors than to would be needed.  And don’t forget the database as a mean of contacting vendors.  Another positive side of the Christmas at Fair Park idea is that concession businesses that have not been able to participate in the regular State Fair of Texas would have an opportunity to become a vendor at Christmas at the Fair Park.

If this event starts the Friday after Thanksgiving with a big Christmas tree lighting and go all the way to New Years day and beyond this will be an excellent use of the Fair Park.  Let’s not overlook the opportunity for a New Years Eve Bash.  As I said before, the City gets the permit fees and the concession vendors get opportunity to operate.  Decorations, music, food and gifts will be a real crowd pleaser.   And a good time will be had by all.



Christmas at Fair Park cont.