Christmas in July
I sure you have heard the phrase “Christmas in July”. As a matter of fact I heard it in TV advertisements  as well as on the Hallmark Channel. When I heard it I was reminded that now is a good time to get on my soap box about using the Fair Park during Christmas.  Before I forget there an event called Christmas in Park that will be on December 17, 2016. However I am talking about the weeks from Thanksgiving to New Years Day.

However it is a smaller soap box because there were Christmas happenings in December 2015. In previous post I had suggested that having vendors on both sides of the reflection pool would be a good idea. It was done in 2015 as you can see from the pictures below.  See the reindeer in the foreground and the vending booth in the background. There were even hayrides, and a petting zoo. It also had a man made snow slide and a snow patch. In my opinion it was really nice.

Hayrides and Vendors

Christmas on the Esplanade 2015
Reindeer and Vending Booths 2015
Christmas Hayrides at Fair Park 2015
Christmas Hayrides at Fair Park 2015

With the rides and vendors and slides, the one thing that was missing when I was there was hordes of people. There were people, but they were relatively few. Apparently news about the events at Fair Park during Christmas is not reaching the masses. I found out about the event because as I have said before, I still receive the daily new paper in my yard everyday. I won’t complain to much because I had mention the Christmas at Fair Park would start small and grow, looks like that is happening.

Get the People In

Rather than just get on a soap box, here’s an idea on how to get out the word to he people. Now is a good time to send invitations to the churches and high schools to participate in Christmas Carol competition for Christmas 2016. This is one way to get the whole DFW community involved in the Fair Park Christmas if they want to participate, especially the east side of DFW.

To sweeten the pot also allow each organization to operate a vending booth on the days they a performing. This might encourage the surrounding communities to have a vested interest in the success and revitalization of the Fair Park. Besides the churches and high school, the military chorus could participate in the competition also. They too would have vending booths that could be operated by veterans of each branch of the military. The disabled vets could probably operate vending booths. In my mind each organization would probably bring 50 or more members of their organizations to attend the events. This mean customers for the vendors, and customers equal success.

All of these events could be spread out from the the Thanksgiving weekend and every weekend there after until New Year’s day. Then on New Years day maybe Day 1 which debuted in 2015 will return. Day 1 was billed as a “Kid-centric Festival” in the daily news paper. From my short visit at Day 1, I agree that it was a great way for kids to end the holidays.
From the Christmas tree lighting on the Esplanade to the hay rides and snow slides and ending with Day 1, the foundation has been laid for using the Fair Park during the holidays. Happy Vending.

Christmas in July
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