As you start your concession business, keep in mind that the State of Texas Cottage Food Law allows for certain products to be prepared in your home kitchen.  If the products are low hazards and does not need refrigeration then they may be able to be prepared from home.  Items like cakes, pies, herb, jellies and jams are examples of low hazard foods.

When the law was first enacted, you had to sell your products, the cakes, pie, cookies , candies etc,  from your home.  That meant that your customers had to come to your home to purchase your products.  However, there have been changes to the law that will take effect on September 1, 2003.  Now you will be able sell products that fall within the cottage law rules fairs and community events.  Although you won’t need a permit from your local health department to make and sell from home, you may still need a permit to participate in an event where you would be selling your products away from your home.

Another good thing is that if you are a baker, all of the startup cost that I mentioned in other blog post will be minimized.  I say this because you probably already own almost everything you need to start baking.  Think of it this way, you quite possibly build your clientele from the participation in fairs and events.  Once you have a large enough following, the next step would be to open up your own bakery away from your home where you could now sell to the general public on a daily basis if you desired.


Concession Business and The Texas Cottage Food Law