2016 Christmas Season Concession Opportunities.

For those of you reading this blog that have been considering entering the food vending business, now is the time.  By “now” I mean the upcoming Christmas Season.  I think the Christmas season is like the Fourth of July, every city celebrates.  In the case of Christmas, there will be tree lighting events for every city, starting in early December.

It is the Christmas tree lighting and holiday parades that presents the opportunity for vendors to sell their preferred foods.  Since most tree lighting don’t occur at the same time you may be able to participate at several events.  Although they may not occur on the same date, they are happening very close in dates.  Most probably happen between December 1 and December 8.


Here are some suggestions on how to prepare yourself to become and vendor.  Select any city that you are interested in becoming a vendor for the Christmas events.  Go to their web page and get the dates.  Just go to Google and type in something like “ holiday event in (pick a city)”.  I have already tested the theory on Irving, Garland and Mesquite.

What to serve

Remember there is the Texas Cottage Law that will allow you to prepare baked goods at home that can be sold at festivals and special events.  So go dig out grandma special cookie recipe and make some money.

Once you have decided on which city or cities that you will be vending, contact that city to find out how to participate.  In most cases there will probably be a principal organizer of the event, the city should be able to tell you who to contact.  Contacting the principal organizer is good because there may be booth arrangements and maybe fees that is separate from the permitting fees that is paid to the city.

So get busy preparing yourself to become a successful food vendor.  Happy vending.




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