Lights at the Lagoon
Lights at the LagoonTake a look at the picture above. This is the actual picture of the lagoon at the Fair Park in Dallas,Texas. I think it
was call “Lights on the Lagoon”. As “Christmasy” as the picture looks it was taken during the run of the State Fair of
Texas in October of 2015. It was in the area known as the kids boardwalk. With the Christmas scene on the Esplanade and the “Lights on the Lagoon” the Fair park could be very beautiful for the holidays.

Lagoon Bridge by Day

The picture to the left is of the Kids Boardwalk taken during the daytime.  It’s from the opposite side of the lagoon than the picture above. The reason I am adding this picture so that people that are familiar with Fair Park can recognized the area that I am talking about.

This presents and excellent opportunity for food vendors and concession stand operators on either side of the bridge of
to sell popcorn, caramel apples, hot chocolate, etc. Even better since it is in area called the Kids Boardwalk, why not have a kids cookie baking contest. This could be real fun for the kids, as well as for the mothers whose recipes they will probably be using.

Let me remind you this site is to encourage potential vendors to look for opportunities. If the Kids Boardwalk is open
with the holiday lights and the swan rides on the lagoon, and there are food and merchandise vendors on the Esplanade, this just might be fun for the whole eastern half of the metroplex for the holiday season. Happy Vending.

Concessions on the Lagoon