Christmas Tree Lighting FW1In other post I have opined that there must be ways to get the public’s attention that something is going on at the Fair grounds during the holidays. Here is another idea. Why not turn the ferris wheel into a billboard. I am including my vision of what the ferris wheel as a billboard would look like. As people make the evening drive home they could help but to see the announcement of upcoming events.

Even now during the State Fair of Texas October run, the brightly lit, multi-colored ferris wheel as well as the multi-
colored observation wheel screams festivities. The same could be true for holidays.HappyNewYearFerrisWheelpixlr

By the way, the ferris as a billboard can be used for other events such as St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Taste of
Dallas. etc. A good billboard equals people and people equals customers for concession businesses. Happy vending.

Ferris Wheel as a Billboard
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