Santa Over the Cotton Bowl_A

Now Let’s Get the People  In


Seems like if there was a large Christmas tree visible from I-30, let say in the area of the State Fair Musical Hall, that would be a natural “attention getter” to draw in the crowds.  Now if the Christmas tree is located at the end of the reflection pool on Exposition it may not be as visible from I-30 but would still be a great location.  Obviously the water in the pool would enhance the Christmas lights.  This would also be a good location because the Dart Green lines stop right at the Exposition Avenue gate.  I’ll just leave the logistics of where to put the tree and decorations to more qualified people.  I just want to see Fair Park used as much as possible especially during the Christmas Holiday Season.

One idea was to have a “Christmas Around the World” exposition.  Using the buildings along either side of the reflection pool, booths could be made available to vendors.  Each vendor could decorate their space with ornaments and decorations from the nation they would be representing.   Along with the decorations that would be displayed, there could be Christmas ornaments from around the world made available for sale.

For example, if you operate a booth with an African theme, then your booth may want to sell African ornaments and treats.  If you have an Irish booth you can have Irish ornaments and treats. The same is true if you have a Mexican theme booth you would have Mexican ornaments and treats.  I think you get the picture.   Also the vendors representing every nation could offer gifts, and foods, (pastries, cakes, cookies, candies, etc) for sale from every nation represented.  Considering the variety of coffees and soft drinks that’s available on the market nowadays, a concession vendor could even offer coffees from different nations.

For more substantial foods that contain meat, that where the food trucks come in.  Or maybe some of the vendors that operate in the Tower Building during the State Fair Texas could operate for the holiday season.  Although the Tower Building is a little walk from the Explanade, it could still be used to offer sit down eating.

A Win Win Concession Business Opportunity

Let’s take it one step further, with the State of Texas Cottage Food law, the cakes, cookies and candies can now be made at home for sale to the public.  However, you must still check with the City of Dallas Health department to be sure that you operate within the rules.  This is also an excellent opportunity for anyone wanting to start a concession business.  Even if you are just now starting any kind of food business, this is an opportunity to introduce the public to what you have to offer.  The vendors get the exposure and the city gets the permits fees.  Everybody wins!  Now somebody get this party started.



Visitors at the Christmas at the State Fair Park of Texas