While I have be going on about becoming a vendor, I had no idea that there is a vehicle that offers a great opportunity for start up. As I have mentioned before, I am still a hold the news paper in my hand kinda person. While reading the paper recently I came across a phrase “Pop Up store”. Because I lost the paper before I had an opportunity to read the article I use the term “phrase Pop Up Store” because that’s all I could remember. However I found the write-up on the internet so follow this link at Unbranded Pop-Up and read about it yourself.  If you are interested in starting your own Start-Up Store for vending you might want to contact the owners of the building.

As I read the article, I was more convinced that the same concept could be used on the Esplande at Fair Park. Frankly I think that the City of Dallas could support both venues. According the the article on the Pop-up Store they at the increase the size of the space because of the interest. By the way there was interest from around the country according to the article. Although the article talks about the increase in size to accommodate this years potential vendors, there is still plenty of room at the Centenniel complex on the Esplanade.

I just want you to look at the picture below of the Esplanade at the State Fair of Texas and see if you can’t visualize how this idea could work there also. As you can see there are buildings on both sides of the pool.  Really there two buildings with about six entrances.  Each entrance is titled differently. Remember the Espanade has been decorated for Christmas the last two years anyway. All that is missing is vendors and customers.Pop-Up Store Esplanade


Here is a shout out to whoever runs the Fair Park get busy promoting Pop-up, Start-Up Store or whatever you want to call it at the Centennial on the Esplanade for the Holiday Season.

Start Up Stores Dallas
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