Main Street Christmas Tree
Main Street Tree Lighting Dallas

Let me start this post by reminding vendors and potential  vendors to get busy looking for concession opportunities. What makes this time so special is that every city will have some kind of tree lighting event. Add to that, there will be tree lighting events in some neighborhoods.  The Christmas tree in this picture is from last years Main Street Tree Lighting from 2014.  There were concession vendors at this event, this is probably true for every city.

Locating City’s Christmas Lighting Events

Here is what you as a concession stand operator can do to decide what and when you what to participate. Determine what city or cities where you what to operate a Christmas vending business. Then go to that city’s website. I tested this idea by Googling “Christmas in Rockwall, Garland, and Mesquite or your desired city. There you will see the dates and times of the events. Now you can contact that city to inquire who is in charge of the vending of the event. The website sometimes mentions who to contact. For example the Rockwall announcement references the Kiwanis. At least that might be a good starting point on becoming a vendor at the Rockwall Christmas parade.

Whatever you decide to do, time is of the essence because some cities have already had their tree lighting celebration. However, many are starting the first week in December. So get started selling your favorite cookies, hot chocolate, hot dogs, specialty popcorn, or whatever you intend to sell at your concession stand. Remember you will need a permit from that city. Happy vending

Concessions at Christmas Tree Lighting